Park West Art

Many Park West art collectors worldwide have been connected to fine artwork through art auctions on cruise ships, art auctions in major metropolitan areas around the world, and via the company’s public art galleries located in Michigan and Florida. To date, more than 1.8 million art enthusiasts have experience collecting through Park West Gallery.

Both Park West art galleries locations in Michigan or Florida are open to the public. These galleries allow fine art lovers to collect authentic artwork directly from an extensive network of living and deceased artists. Many of the talented artists that Park West Gallery represents have even chosen to use the company as their exclusive art dealer. The Park West Gallery archives of artwork created by deceased artists have been either obtained directly from the estates of those artists or purchased through recognized international auction companies. Unlike other galleries and auction companies in the industry, Park West Gallery created a process of collecting pieces of art and archives them for many years prior to offering the collection to the public.

When collecting with Park West, art aficionados are immersed in an entertaining, educational and welcoming environment that leaves customers with a passion for the arts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your collection, the Park West Gallery experience is one that is unrivaled elsewhere in the art industry.

Please contact us today for more information regarding upcoming land and sea Park West art auctions or to learn more about the company’s public art galleries.