Park West Artists

To introduce potential collectors to pieces of art produced by Park West artists, the company maintains art auctions on over 100 luxury cruise ships as well as manages art auctions in major metropolitan cities worldwide. For art enthusiasts that would like to come and experience collecting at one of our galleries firsthand, our Michigan and Florida art galleries are open to the public.

The vast majority of the pieces of artwork offered for collection through Park West Gallery comes straight from the living artists themselves, some of the artist that the company represents event use even Park West Gallery as their exclusive art dealer. The collections that are produced by deceased artists are usually gathered directly from the artist’s estate or purchased through an international recognized auction company. Our purchasing methods guarantee authenticity and allow Park West to maintain strong relationships with an assortment of artists, publishers and representatives across the globe.

For art lovers that are interested in experiencing a one-on-one meeting with some of today’s most skilled and prominent artists, Park West artist appearances are available at private collector’s events. These private invitation-only events are held on luxury cruise ships, as well as at exclusive hotels and resorts all over the country. These events give our customers the opportunity to travel and engage directly with our artists. However you decide to experience Park West Gallery, the company strives to create an educational, exciting and welcoming environment for all of its collectors. The Park West Gallery experience was created to ignite a passion for the arts in collectors of all ages and experience levels.

For more information about the collections of artwork available by Park West artists, please contact us today! Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the artist we represent or collections that are available through our company.